"Mitchell's tactile composition evokes, but not overwhelms, an alluring deeper meaning: lines like 'Evacuation is panic-/Narrow escalators lead to padlocked exits' force the reader to pause, ponder the literal and then bask in the abstract."

- Angela Leroux-Lindsey, Editor of the Adirondack Review

Since becoming a writer at age ten, Kenya Mitchell has worked to push the boundaries of genre, defy the conventions of storytelling and to redefine what it means to be an African American, female author in a   nation that is going through rapid cultural evolution.  Dr. Mitchell's creative experimentation, which uses poetry as its foundation, has led to the creation of a body of creative work that includes but is not limited to afro-futuristic fiction and poetry, an English textbook for Tanzania, essays that probe what it is to be an African American in a global society and a dissertation that melded the genres of academic research and digital writing to question the role of student agency in upper division composition courses.  


Kenya holds a Masters degree in Language and Literacy from Harvard School of Education and a Ph. D in Writing Rhetoric and Composition from UC Davis’ School of Education. In addition to her career as an author, consultant, and researcher, Kenya divides her time between devising playful but rigorous lessons for her daughter, Autumn, launching a relationship blog with her husband Alex, and planning future family adventures abroad.  

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