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Feeling overwhelmed about college?

Acing the College Application


Navigating the college experience, whether it’s undergraduate or graduate school, can be extremely overwhelming. Figuring out if a school is a good fit, finalizing application essays, undertaking research to get a leg up and perfecting one’s academic writing skills are just some of the many challenges a student must overcome to achieve their academic goals.  


Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.  I’m here to work with you one on one through your college applications to make sure you receive the results you desire at an affordable rate.


Together we can tackle:

  • Researching schools to determine the best fit for you

  • Determining a major based on your interests, skills and talents

  • Essay Crafting and Editing

  • Resume Polishing

  • Application Timelines

  • Complete Application Support


In the past ten years, I have shepherded hundreds of students through the undergraduate and graduate school application processes. As an English Professor at Santa Monica College, I assisted on average thirty students per semester with their transfer applications.  The majority of my students transferred to UCLA, UC Berkeley or USC. This year I also coached students as they navigated their transfer to Columbia University, Bath University in England, and The American University in Paris. I possess a deep knowledge of the Common Application and am an expert on application essay instruction. Moreover, I have worked closely with individuals who serve on college admissions boards, so I know what they are looking for in prospective students.  


In addition to coaching high school students through undergraduate applications, my specialty is training diverse undergraduate students how to succeed in the graduate application process, starting sophomore year. Coaching that begins long before the applications season will give you the guidance to achieve important academic milestones that, when added to your resume, will make your graduate applications stand out from the pack. If you are just beginning your academic career and are thinking about attending graduate school in a year or two, it is a great time to position yourself as a top contender by going beyond classwork, generic study abroad programs and lackluster internships to delve into unique lived experiences that will not only impress admissions administrators but will make an indelible impact on your entire life trajectory. The students I coached with this long term approach have gone on to Yale, Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, Fulbright Fellowships and many other programs.


I coach undergraduates through:

  • Engaging in undergraduate research

  • Gaining an academic mentor in a chosen field

  • Maximizing study abroad and internship programs

  • Applying for scholarships and fellowships


Developing a methodical gameplan and following through with the help of a coach is a prime way to ensure you can attend the doctoral, masters or medical plan of your dreams. 



Beyond College Applications

Working with dynamic students has taught me effective academic coaching and mentoring takes a careful balance of insight into the application process, a deep understanding of a clients needs, and the ability to deliver effective academic coaching that will help the client achieve their academic goals. Because of that knowledge, the support I offer doesn’t end at the graduate school application.


I coach rising scholars in:


  • Developing research protocols

  • Publishing research articles

  • Finishing theses and dissertations.


I also know for a fact that high-quality educational consulting goes further than simply reviewing the components for an application, conducting mock interviews and making sure your paperwork gets in on time. The best coaching doesn’t end when the applications or publications have been submitted.  Top consultants serve as long-term mentors who will also help you navigate personal challenges such as burnout, difficult major professors, imposter syndrome, and workflow management through graduate school and beyond. As a coach and mentor, I’ve not only helped my clients reach their immediate academic goals, but I’ve also given them the long-term personal support that made a marked difference in their educational outcomes.  Here’s what some of them have to say about my work:











After applying to law schools, I had five admissions team members personally congratulate me on my acceptance and comment on my powerful personal statement. Kenya mentored me throughout the entire process, providing me with advice on test-taking strategies and personal statement writing. Hear me out when I say that Kenya is a writing wizard. Not only does she have an eye for details such as writing style and grammar, but she also worked with me to develop my voice. I am now at Penn State – Dickinson Law on a full ride scholarship, and I could not have done it without Kenya. I think what makes her unique is that she actually cares about you. When you ask for advice, I know that it is not as simple as merely making edits. I still keep in contact with Kenya, and Kenya keeps in contact with me. Even though I am already in law school, I still contact her about cover letters, resume writing, and life advice! 



                   ~Jasmine Sandhu, Pennsilvania State University









I am so thankful that I had Kenya's help with applying to graduate school. She was so incredibly helpful and insightful, and she really assisted me with navigating the path to graduate school. Applying to graduate school can be a confusing and overwhelming process, and Kenya's knowledge and presence was a great resource and a comfort. Her comments and revisions to my essays helped me to better communicate my goals, previous experiences, and interests to graduate schools. After working with Kenya my graduate school applications were so much stronger, and I was fortunate to get into all of the graduate schools I applied to, including top-ranked programs.




                   ~Mariana Henry, Masters of Public Health, Yale, 2018










You know how writing can be an isolating, daunting, and exhausting process? Kenya uses her spark for writing and curiosity for learning to make writing not just bearable, but empowering.


On top of that, Kenya laid out a very clear road map of what my dissertation will look like when completed, chapter by chapter.  Her explanation of the roadmap made everything click for me. Now, as I work on my dissertation I think of the road ahead, put it into context, and keep making progress towards the finish line with confidence. 

Kenya used her insights as a writer and researcher to show me how to re-shape my dissertation into something that is do-able. Because as we all know, "a done dissertation, is a good dissertation." After listening to the details of my dissertation project and answering a long list of burning questions, she helped me accomplish what I resisted doing on my own, including, reshaping my research questions and cutting-down my interview protocol. For this 
gift, I am truly grateful. 


I highly recommend Kenya Mitchell for anyone in professional/graduate school. Whether working on a dissertation, qualifying exam, term paper, or proposal, the earlier you reach out to Kenya the better you will use your time and energy.


              ~ Elizabeth Flores, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Davis

Why Should You Trust Me?


I know paying for coaching is a huge leap of faith.  There are so many fly-by-night coaching operations out there that are staffed by scholars with backgrounds you don’t know about, so it can be hard to know who to trust.  Please view my curriculum vitae so you can see for a fact that I:


  1. Successfully navigated the academic process myself while garnering awards.

  2. Have a masters and doctorate that is specialized in developing pedagogies that boost educational outcomes in diverse students, particularly through graduate level research writing.

  3. Attended prestigious universities and can give you input on what it’s like to attend one.

  4. Have an active ongoing research agenda that is demonstrated through recent publications and conference presentations.

  5. Am deeply committed to the academic success of diverse students and I have been for over a decade.


If you like what you see, please fill out the consulting intake form to receive a free 30-minute consultation.  I look forward to working with you!







      Warm regards,


      Kenya Mitchell

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