Writing at the Crossroads: Reflections on Authentic Voice, Student Diversity and Vocalizing in Diverse Context

Experimental, Multimedia Dissertation

Completed March 2017






Literary Criticism at

The Adirondack Review

Visitation Rites


Fata Morgana

Where I Stay

Architecture of Bone

Essays at A Gathering of the Tribes


Compassion, Poverty's Lesson 

Behind the Glass, Beyond the Biodome



Blue Line to Wonderland


Kenya Mitchell's first collection of poetry confronts America's ever-enduring struggles with the heroin epidemic, race and social class while chronicling her own journey to artistic freedom.

   Aftermath of a Sociopath


In this collection of modern parables, K. T. Mitchell unmasks the motivations behind humanity's most hideous acts- unquelled desires of lust, social achievement, wealth and security. By unveiling the lives and inner motivations of women, K. T. Mitchell questions our expectations about who we can trust. More importantly, these stories ask us to reconsider what the real face of pathology looks like.