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Get Ready For Fall Online With the 2020 Digital Pedagogy Lab

How can I make my course more equitable as I transition to the online sphere?

What are the key characteristics of engaging online courses?

How can I use technology without getting overwhelmed by the mechanics?

Throughout the transition to online learning during the current Covid-19 crisis, educators, who for the most part have been left to fend for themselves, have been left with lingering questions regarding the best practices to implement in order to refine their online courses.

These and many other questions will be answered in this year's Digital Pedagogy Lab. Courses and workshops that focus on action steps for building equitable online courses will be available for educators who are ready to dig deep, and immediately implement tried and true strategies in their upcoming online courses.

Dr. Mitchell, who is a 2020 Digital Pedagogy Lab Fellow, will present a workshop titled Social Media Pedagogy. In this workshop educators will learn how to harness students' tendency to socialize and seek infotainment online to build engagement, energize their courses, and draw new students to their course offerings.

To get more information about the web conference or to register, please go to

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