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Social Media Pedagogy Course Syllabus

Research indicates (Manca, 2020; Taylor, King, and Nelson, 2012) students believe online courses should include more interactive online strategies to make learning more meaningful and engaging. Social Media Pedagogy (SMP) is one-way instructors can incorporate more interaction in their online courses by using social media platforms as informal venues where students can interact in creative ways to develop their thinking on course content.


Social Media Pedagogy, which was originally presented at the 2020 Digital Pedagogy Lab, is a professional development workshop that guides educators to move beyond the typical one-way social media use institutions employ to communicate with learning communities (Davis III et al, 2014).  Instead, we will investigate and create new strategies to build collaborative learning communities that focus on the participation of diverse learners (Montgomery, 2018 ).


This 120-minute workshop is divided into 4 modules that can be completed in 30 minutes over the course of 4 days.




Instructor Deliverables

  • Defining Social Media Pedagogy Infographic

  • Social Media Plan Template

  • Topic Video Script Template

  • Disabled Student Content Creation Infographic

  • Ethnically Diverse Content Creation Infographic

  • LGBTQ Content Creation Infographic

  • Social Media Pedagogy At A Glance By Platform Infographic

  • 35 original and literature-based pedagogical ideas.

Learner Deliverables

  • Comprehensive Social Media Plan

  • 4 Strategy Focused Journal Entries

  • Topic Video Script

  • Topic Video

  • Video Assignment

  • Engagement Post

  • Community Building Exercise


If you have questions, or would like Dr. Mitchell to present this workshop at your institutional please email her here.

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